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Tim Sewell, HSECS Manager, Sundance Resources Ltd:   “I have successfully engaged the consulting services of John Placanica in incident investigation, ICAM training and mentoring team leaders in various HSECS disciplines for the last 15 years in exploration, projects and operations in Australia, Indonesia and West Africa.  John’s vast experience, cultural diversity and ability to connect with all levels of the business have greatly contributed to a number of successful initiatives”.




Steve Page, Production Superintendent, Curragh Main - Thiess:  "It was a pleasure to do the ICAM course with you.  I took a lot out of it and it has changed the way I look at incidents.  It would have been good to have done this years ago when I first started supervising."  

Enoch Waim, Supervisor, Newcrest Mining Lihir Gold Limited:  "After taking this course I feel confident now to apply and implement what I have learned.  The training has given me courage to do a proper incident investigation in any workplace incident ...   Personally, I can say this is the best ever training that I have attended during my eleven years working in the gold mining industry around the country ... your verbal English is simple and training was precisely presented for such a person like me from a developing country ... by the way you spoke I can judge you as one of the best investigator in the world." 


Adrian Tavarai, Senior Advisor Community Relations, Newcrest Mining Limited, Lihir Island PNG:  "The coaching is very extraordinary given the wealth of experience of John ... it helps in providing useful advise and tips which are not available in text books or by other training done by other safety advisors."

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