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ICAM Investigation Training Because Knowing Matters

Welcome to Placanica & Company Pty Ltd, where ICAM (Incident Cause Analysis Methodology) is at the core of everything we do. And that includes ICAM investigation training because knowing matters. Understanding how, when, and why has value beyond only present circumstances too.

How it happened, can also help those who have a claim as a result of an accident to be fairly compensated. Knowing how it happened can help the companies accused, to defend themselves when there is no fault to be had. When it happened, why it happened, and other investigative data can also help to prevent future accidents.

At Placanica & Company Pty Ltd, we offer ICAM investigation training that is not only led by one of the founders of the ICAM program, but that can also make a difference, now and tomorrow. Contact us at Placanica & Company Pty Ltd to find out more or to sign up for a safety training program today.

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