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Safety Leadership Training that Works

There is no replacement for safety, and it should be the highest priority for every worker, supervisor, and employer. That is the entire point of safety leadership training, the intentional effort to make safety a priority. That is also where we come in, because at Placanica & Company Pty Ltd we are leaders in safety, training, and compliance. We also can help in areas such as a permit to work troubleshooting and other legal/safety-related services.

Safety leadership training is about more than sitting in a classroom or watching someone teach about safety techniques. Safety leadership training is about empowering employees and managers with the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to make safety a reality. When employees, managers, and supervisors on job sites and on the manufacturing floor lead by example, safety becomes contagious. That is safety training that works for everyone.

There are also a variety of safety and compliance issues that companies across every industry must meet. At Placanica & Company Pty Ltd we can also help to make sure your business is meeting all the necessary and required safety regulations for your industry.


Thank you for visiting Placanica & Company Pty Ltd, where safety only works when it prevents accidents, changes the culture, and becomes the priority.

Contact us today to learn more about our safety services and programs and let us help keep your business, your employees, and your interests safe. The value of safety can't truly be measured, but the cost of an accident can be more than we can afford. Safety is our only insurance and that begins with safety training that works.

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