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Safety Consulting Services

We offer specialised professional consulting services to  enhance your safety and operational efficiencies from the ground up, wherever you operate. 



  • Conducting Permit to Work Gap analysis


  • Facilitating risk assessments, particularly at the development phase of new projects

  • Delivery of Risk Assessment Training,  tailored to client and/or industry needs


  • Facilitating top-level reviews of organisational structures and key operational systems


  • Safety leadership coaching and mentoring


  • Developing and implementing Zero Harm packages


  • Developing and implementing safety systems and procedures


  • Conducting Fatal Risk Gap Analysis and developing mitigation strategies

  • Conducting Principal Hazard Gap Analysis and validation 


  • Contractor management and assessment


  • Conducting safety audits for organisational and regulatory compliance


  • Developing safe entry and exit strategies into remote areas (including emergency response procedures)


  • Emergency response procedures and evacuation plans 


Transcription Service 

We offer a transcription service for the in-house production of accurate and verbatim transcripts to assist with incident investigations and to enhance the development of safety systems and procedures.


  • Verbatim transcripts of confidential Records of Interview

  • Call logs and transcripts of on-site two-way radio communications 

  • Minutes of meetings

  • Transcripts of formal hearings and proceedings

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